A diary of my trip to Mera Peak, Nepal in 2005 - Days 17 - 19.

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Day 17 - Monday 31st October - Stopped at Khare (Base Camp)


Becky & Susmita at High Camp


Grahame & huge serac next to High Camp

Everest in the distance with clouds off the summit


One of the crevasses we had to cross



Day 18 - Tuesday 1st November - Stopped at Kote


Galzin, Robin, Gombu & some of the porters ready to leave base camp


View down the Hinku valley


Maoist flag flying above Kote


Ewan, Susmita, Katrina & Robin with the two ladies who ran the teahouse


Village toilet at Kote


Camp at Kote


Gombu, Katrina & Ewan with one of the teahouse ladies, her child and some of our porters


Galzin & one of our porters cutting up meat to cook for their meal


Me having a steam treatment for my cough

The result

Grahame's turn

Robin, Grahame & me in the teahouse



Day 19 - Wednesday 2nd November - Stopped at Chataro


















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